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Self-Care During Quarantine

Many of you are wondering where do you even start with your self-care practice in the middle of this crazy experience we call quarantine. Take a deep breath and ground yourself with intention. Get a clear vision of what you want your self-care practice to look like. For beginners the first step is to commit, plan and make a firm commitment to invest in yourself. Next, get out your calendar and schedule in your "me time". Actually "pencil yourself in" for a set amount of time. This time can be used for a tea break, journaling, meditating, visualizing or even napping. I suggest one full hour at the very least with small five minute breaks throughout the day.

I call these small breaks "pockets of peace". I use this time to reset, close my eyes, take a few full, deep, intentional breaths and exhale slowly. Have a cup of tea to fit your mood and carry on. After you've mastered the full hour and pockets of peace, then you can begin to create a lifestyle around self-care. Keep in mind that self-care is NOT pampering. Self-care is soul-deep and spirit-led. When self-care is done as a spiritual practice it opens up higher dimensions of your true self allowing the higher version of yourself to be expressed. Self-care goes before you, sweeping the road that leads to your purpose of all debris. Right now the energy seems pretty dense. Everyone is walking around with high levels of emotional baggage that we can't seem to process. Let me tel you, peace cannot reside where chaos lives. Calm your emotions by limiting the amount of information you're taking in. In other words, limit your screen time. Turn off your television, put down your phone and tune into God, the universe, source, divine being or whatever you choose that fits for you. Get quiet and listen for instruction. Take a break from all high-energy stimuli and relax. Tune into the deeper understanding that everything will be all right. Choose peace, choose calm, choose self-care and make it sacred. We are quarantining in the house and we have the time.

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