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Meet The Founder

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Meet Natasha

At The Chakra Bliss Tea Company we believe that tea is the elixir of life. We also believe that the daily ritual of drinking tea can allow you to create a blissful state of BE-ing. 

Simply set your intentions while steeping and then as you begin sipping, let the beautiful fragrance and the opulent taste draw you into balance. Tea allows you to create sacred moments of peace so that you can become grounded and centered. We encourage you to create a personal tea ritual and use that practice to start and finish your day.

I am Natasha Lee, principal blender, herbalist and healer. I began my love affair with tea as a young girl as I watched my great aunt bring women together in her home for an elegant brunch or tea party. I watched her create sisterhood and meaningful connections all over a cup of tea and I have decided to follow in her footsteps. I created The Chakra Bliss Tea Company  and The Chakra Bliss Center For Healing with the goal of offering the most unique, decadent herbal creations we call tea and use it to create community.

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