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The Chakra Bliss University Professors

Meet The Professors

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Natasha Lee

Spiritual Midwife, Herbalist, Healer Founder- The Chakra Bliss Tea Co. & The Chakra Bliss Center For Healing

Natasha is the founder of The Chakra Bliss Tea Company & The Chakra Bliss Center For Healing,  a Transformational Spiritual Self-Care and Wellness Company.  Natasha is an Ordained Minister, Intuitive Healer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, MariEL Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Herbalist and Spiritual Midwife helping women from all walks of life give birth to their true and authentic selves through the art and practice of Sacred Self-Care.


Natasha's passion for self-care was birthed out of pain. As a mother of four sons, Natasha found herself completely lost as she would find out that one of her very young sons was diagnosed with a brain tumor and spinal cancer. During a regularly scheduled chemo and radiation visit, Natasha had completely passed out and woke up in the hospital bed next to

her son due to living a life void of self-care.  From that that very moment to this one Natasha has vowed to teach women  the importance of self-care as she quickly learned what the absence of it looked like. Natasha works with clients to create sacred self-care practices and rituals that will lead to a life filled with beauty, balance and bliss.  

At The Chakra Bliss Tea Company we believe that tea is the elixir of life. We also believe that the daily ritual of drinking tea can allow you to create a blissful state of BE-ing. 

Simply set your intentions while steeping and then as you begin sipping, let the beautiful fragrance and the opulent taste draw you into balance. Tea allows you to create sacred moments of peace so that you can become grounded and centered. We encourage you to create a personal tea ritual and use that practice to start and finish your day.

I am Natasha Lee, principal blender, herbalist and healer. I began my love affair with tea as a young girl as I watched my great aunt bring women together in her home for an elegant brunch or tea party. I watched her create sisterhood and meaningful connections all over a cup of tea and I have decided to follow in her footsteps. I created The Chakra Bliss Tea Company  and The Chakra Bliss Center For Healing with the goal of offering the most unique, decadent herbal creations we call tea and use it to create community.

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Angela Simmons

Founder - Soulful Living Community

Rev.  Angela B. Simmons, Introverted by nature, Is  a certified personality expert and consultant, self talk and self compassion mentor. She has been married for over 35 years and still happily married.  Angela is an Ordained minister who focuses on self love, compassion, and acceptance. She is an Intuitive  Song Healing Therapist, and Soul Coach.  
She loves helping couples learn how to value each others strengths and support each other through their challenges. She  helps couples fulfill their life's mission individually and as a couple...


Founder of The Soulful Living Community where Rev. Angela is excited about creating a warm private space for busy wives, moms, and middle age women. 

The Soulful Living Self Compassion Community is a place you can come to honour your authentic personality, recharge, share your feelings without judgment, and connect with your divinity. 

You can contact Rev Angela B. Simmons 

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Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo

Confidence Coach, Founder - The Vibrant Living & Inspired Confidence Community

Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo, is Three-time International Best-selling Author, Speaker, Image Expert & Life Coach for high-achieving women coaches, speakers and leaders who struggle with self-doubt and negative thinking that keep them from being the highest and best version of themselves in life and business. She began her journey in 2010 as a Self-Love and Beauty Coach. In 2017, while completing her Masters thesis work on confidence in women entrepreneurs and doing her own spiritual identity work, she developed an even deeper passion for helping women discover and live from their divine identity, so they can operate with more influence and impact in their personal and professional lives. She believes when a woman knows who she is, she no longer: plays small, lives from lack and limitation, and she boldly steps into her calling while releasing things and people that no longer serve her. When she is not working with clients, she is studying spirituality, watching movies and listening to her favorite Prince music.

Confident Woman

Amy Dawson

Yoga Teacher

Bio Coming Soon!

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Chakra Wanda

Angelic Minister, Healer, Founder - Release, Move & Transform

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Lisa Pinkerton

Holistic Health Consultant

Bio Coming Soon!

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