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Sisterhood Sips

What are Sisterhood Sips?

Sisterhood Sips are women's circle gatherings where deep healing, transformation, connection and conscious conversations take place all over a cup of tea.  A space where you can feel fully supported by other sisters that are also ready for real sisterhood connections.  A place and space where we can pause, reflect and be in peace. 

Sisterhood  Sips  will allow you to:

  • Journey inwards and connect to your true self and connect to your own feminine intuition.

  • Share your wisdom  through your own stories and experiences.

  • Co-create a space of empowerment and transformation.

  • Meet other powerful, conscious sisters

  • Grow & flow with grace and ease.

Who are Sisterhood Sips for?

  • Women who are wanting to connect to their wise, creative, inspired and empowered selves.

  • Women committed to creating new, meaningful sisterhood connections.

  • Women who are ready to heal and grow

  • Women who are ready for change and ready to make changes.

  • Women who are ready to live a more "juicy" and fulfilled life.

  • Women wanting to make real connections with other sisters in their community.

  • Women wanting to experience healing on a whole new level.

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