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How distance reiki works........

Did you know that energy can transcend time and space?  Reiki absentee/distance healing is used when the recipient is either not nearby or can't be touched or visited, such as with (abuse or burn victims, people far away, women in labor, someone having an operation, exams, interviews, world tragedies, fires, earthquakes even Covid. Intensive distance reiki is when you send energy over 4 days usually at the same time to someone. The energy builds, on the 4th. day there is an energy shift.


As the recipient, you may feel teary, angry, happy or have a multitude of emotions that can't ever be predicted. Just trust at a soul level healing is taking place. This can be done for all types of cases like addictions, people who are stuck in a past life loop of being the victim, poor mentality, jealous, scared, can't forgive, decisions on changing jobs, leaving partners, big life changes, and more. This healing energy can be used for everything.

Quantum physics teaches us that everything and everyone in our world is made up of energy and light. The human body is made of this matter, which consist of tiny particles called atoms. Scientist estimate the average human cell contains 100 trillion atoms which all vibrate at varying frequencies. (energy)

Eastern medicine teaches us that the human body vibrates at a high frequency when it's operating at optimal capacity and a lower dense frequency when something is out of alignment or balance. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing that assist in returning the body to an optimal vibrational frequency in order to find balance, health and wellness on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

Distance reiki is channelled remotely using a clear, positive intention, and the traditional USUI HON SHA ZE SHO NEN reiki symbol. It is just as powerful as an in person session and can be received in the comforts of your own home, office or wherever you are.

No matter if you're in the same city, in another time zone or all the way across the world. We are all connected and you can easily receive the benefits of this beautiful healing modality. Your session can be booked as a once off intensive over 4 days or multi-sessions.

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