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Sacred Self-Care Is Medicine For Your Soul

Self-Care is NOT about pampering. It's a way of BE-ing! It's NOT something you do, it's who YOU are! It's

soul-deep and spirit-led!  

At The Chakra Bliss Center For Healing, we help  women escape burnout and manage stress with sustainable self-care practices that supports a new lifestyle vision of peace, balance and bliss. If you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed or completely burned out, we can help. In today's fast paced society this has become the norm and you are NOT alone. Let me show you how to restore your energy to flow with grace and ease.

The Chakra Bliss Center For Healing & Apothecary

The Chakra Bliss Center is an integrative energy medicine center. We specialize in helping you to make the necessary connections you need to be able to return to optimum health. We have a variety healing services and classes that are regularly offered to give you the opportunity to heal from whatever issues you are struggling with. 

The Chakra Bliss Center is a holistic and spiritual center committed to the nourishment of

mind + body + spirit and the expansion of consciousness. All human beings were born with the innate ability to heal. Our alternative healing practitioners work intuitively with your body and spirit to support that innate process.

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