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The Art Of Creating Ritual With The Simple Act Of Drinking Tea

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The simple act of being in ritual with a cup of tea allowsyou to return to the awareness of the present moment. {BE-ing} in the moment is a gift in itself. This relaxing tea ritual brings you into focus and allows you to slow down and calm your spirit so that you can hear messages from the Divine. I like to enter into my tea ritual at the start of my day to help me ease into my schedule and also at the end of the day to move me into a more relaxed way of being.Here are some things that you should do before entering into ritual.

Create a Sacred Space.  This can be a corner or an entire room dedicated to {YOU}. Someplace where you can unwind and relax. Add your favorite things, a fragrant candle, journal, pillows and comfy throw.

Invest in the proper brewing tools.  I highly suggest using loose tea instead of tea bags because loose  tea is superior to tea bags due to the fact that loose tea uses whole tea leaves and herbs and tea bags usually contain a ground powdery like substance which is poor in quality. Brewing loose tea requires you to have the proper brewing tools such as strainers or drip stations or a drip system that will allow you extract the tea liquor from the herb.

Choose a tea blend that ministers to your spirit. Take into consideration the properties, fragrance and notes that the tea contains. If you need a pick-me-up try a tea blend that has an uplifting effect such as peppermint of the spice of black pepper or turmeric. If you need to relax and unwind try a blend with chamomile or ashwagandha.

Allow yourself to simply BE!. This process looks different for everyone. whatever you feel like doing, make {THAT} the ritual! whatever it is, make sure to give honor and reverence to the sacredness of the healing tea that's in the cup. 

“As you sip purposefully, drink in possibility and expectation”

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