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The Art Of Tea Meditation

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I love the practice of Tea Meditation, it's meditative, relaxing and always invites a sence of peace and total well-being.I've designed this meditation with only 6 easy steps that you can practice at anytime throughout your day.Step

1:Focus on selecting and preparing your water. I like to use alkaline or purified water but the choice is yours.Bless your water and set your intention.

Step 2:Prepare your cup. I choose a cup or mug that speakes to my spirit and creates a "mood" by inspiring and motivating me.

Step 3:Choose your tea. Use a blend to support your needs. You can choose a functional wellness blend to target specific conditions or a special blend for calming and relaxing.

Step 4:Pour the water and observe.I like to meditate as I watch the color change and transform into a beautiful elixir to nourish my being.

Step 5:Sip your way to serenity. Take slow, deep, intentional breaths to calm and relax your spirit. Repeat this alternating sequence of sipping, and intentional breathing several times. You can also take time to journal if you are receiving Divine downloads.

Step 6:Give thanks, be grateful and enjoy. take a few minutes to focus and the things that you're grateful for. Thank God for all of the amazing blessings and be in peace.

“The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts, it's to stop letting your thoughts control you.”
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